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About Us

Welcome to Concord Frozen Food Exports Pvt Ltd

Concord Exports established in the India in 2006, converted in to a Private Limited company in 2019, and has made major presence in the field of Agriculture Exports like Rice, Yellow Corn/Maize Starts from MALTA(Europe) and volume Basie to Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan over 400 Containers monthly and act as main exporter from Tuticorin Port(South India) and from 2019 we been into Frozen foods exports with multiple brands Slaughter house /Processing Plats approved long terms agreements to Distribution and export of Frozen Foodstuff of Frozen Chicken, Frozen Seafoods, Frozen Lamb, Frozen Meat, Frozen Duck.

The success of the Company can be traced back to the vision, leadership, dynamism and rich experience of Our philosophy is to exceed our customer's expectations by providing the highest in quality, value and service at the fairest prices.

A large ever-expanding network of Dealers, Retailers and Loyal Customers developed over the years ensures availability of our products anywhere world. and provides a strong platform for future expansion. The purchase function Exports &Imports sources of Poultry, Duck, Seafoods, Lamb, Meat from all over the India & world such as Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, India, New Zealand, U.S.A and so on. The long trusted relationship with our suppliers helps to maintain prompt and regular supplies at favorable terms. The Purchase and Exports /Imports activities are closely coordinated supply chain, Logistics Partners and cold storage partners to meet the changing needs of our customers and to maintain optimum quality stock level for each season ensuring price advantage for the end customer. The integrated operations are controlled and supported by highly professional staff and systems enabling the Company to achieve an excellent performance year after year.

Founder and Director

A full service of Exports & Imports of World class Brands in India and Indian Top Brands to Overseas buyers distribution company, Concord Frozen Foods Pvt ltd has moved beyond the supply of foodstuff into complete category management responsibilities for our customers. With leading edge technological capabilities, we are positioned to provide retail and wholesale customer solutions and options unrivaled in value, quality and reliability. From order to delivery, Concord Frozen Foods Pvt Ltd is at the forefront in service using innovative techniques to better satisfy our most demanding customers. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our partnership with our customers. At Concord Frozen Foods pvt ltd , it is our philosophy to exceed our customer's expectations by providing the World Class Top Brands availability with highest in quality, value and service at the fairest prices.



To market and deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service.



To be our customers most valued and trusted business partner.



Our values serve as the foundation of our company and define who we are and how we work. Principal among them are:

  • Serving Customers
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork